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20 Sustainable Statement Earrings

I love a good statement earring.  It’s a versatile accessory that can be worn day or night, with a cocktail dress or a simple t-shirt and messy bun.  There is no shortage in variety when it comes to statement earrings, which can be colorful, geometric, shiny, with tassels or fringe.  It seems that costume jewelry has made a serious comeback.

One complaint people have about fair trade or ethically made items is that they don’t look “contemporary” enough.  So I scoured the web for modern sustainable statement earrings by my favorite brands.  Here are 20 of my favorites.  Each pair is ethically made and/or supports a great cause.  All earrings are as unique as the artisans who designed them and will surely make a statement.

Relic EarringsABLE

These brass earrings are skillfully made by hand by disadvantaged women in Tennessee.

Totem Earrings– ABLE

The perfect balance between modern and classic.

Confidence Earrings– Trades of Hope

These up cycled aluminum earrings are made by empowered women in Haiti.

Free Spirit Earrings-Trades of Hope

These light earrings are made with antiqued metal and leather fringe by women in Nepal.

Modern Drop Earrings– Trades of Hope

These earrings are inspired by modern art by empowered artisans in India.

Sansa Horn Oval Earrings- Accompany

This oversized pair is handcrafted in Kenya with ethically collected horn and recycled brass.

Adisa Earrings– Accompany

Purchases of these earrings support sustainable community development in Kenya.


Clare Earrings– Amour Vert

These eco-conscious earrings are handmade with cellulose acetates in Atlanta, Georgia.

Also available in other colors/designs.

Lupinus Earrings– Amour Vert

These marble green beauties are hand-glazed in Barcelona and made with eco-friendly materials.

Kate Earrings– Amour Vert

These beautiful hoops are made by extracting cellulose fibers from cotton and wood pulp.  Also available in other colors/designs.

Earrings by David Aubrey

These beautifully crafted earrings are handmade in the United States.

Earrings by David Aubrey

These hoops are made with brass and cotton tassels in the United States.

Earrings by David Aubrey

All David Aubrey earrings are handmade using raw materials.


Nikki Tassel Earrings– Penh Lenh

These bohemian inspired earrings are crafted by women in Cambodia.  Also available in other colors.

Jenny Tassel Earrings– Penh Lenh

Purchases of all Penh Lenh earrings support marginalized women in Cambodia.


Lizzy Earrings– Akola

Purchases of these hand carved horn earrings support the Akola women in Uganda.

Izzy Earrings- Akola

These decadent earrings are made with hand-rolled Keratasi paper beads, hand-carved horn, and raffia tassels.  Also available in blue.


Twirl Drops- 31 Bits

These stunning drops are handmade by artisans in Bali.  Also available in gold.

Anika Wing Earrings– MyFight

These earrings are made with cruelty-free bone and the work provides sustainable jobs for over 80 families in New Delhi, India.

Cala Horn Fringe Studs– Soko

These movement-inspired earrings were handcrafted in Kenya.

Horn Statement Hoop Earrings– Soko

Made from up-cycled horn, these hoops are made using traditional techniques.




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