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Sunsais: Trust What You Wear

Barcelona is one of the best shopping cities in Europe.  The shops seem to flow out of every corner in every district, and it is admittedly hard to show self-restraint.  If you’re going to pick one district, I recommend the Gracia district.  Sunsais is located in Vila de Gracia, which has been called “Barcelona’s coolest suburb”.  This historic old center is where the famous Festa Major de Garcia takes place in August- a huge street party of concerts, food and drink, and a wonder of spectacular themed decorations.  During the other months tourists can enjoy restaurants, cafes, and art galleries.  There are also a variety of shops on every cobblestone street.

Sunsais’ motto is “Trust what you wear” and revolves around eco-fashion and slow fashion concepts.  They are based on the ideal that people should care about every stage of production, labeling, and distribution.  Sunsais is a wholesale provider of eco-friendly fashion brands and organic textiles.  Sunsais has a brick and mortar in Barcelona as well as an online store.

I thoroughly enjoyed my shopping experience at Sunsais.  I met with the shop owner who was warm and inviting, and clearly passionate about slow fashion.  After discussing Sunsais’ mission with her I browsed the intimate space, with its warm light and bohemian vibe.  I admired the racks of soft organic textiles, the variety of baskets and straw bags, and the abundance of home decor tucked between cacti and succulents.  It was a savory shopping experience you won’t find in any fast-fashion store.


If you’re fortunate enough to visit the wonderful city of Barcelona, be sure to check out this slow concept boutique.  You can also visit Sunsais’ website, which is available in English and Spanish, and ships to anywhere in Europe.  Enjoy!


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