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Winter Cause Box

Recently I wrote a post about my fixed feelings about New Year’s Resolutions. As I’ve had more time to reflect I realized that it’s important to find a balance between self improvement and self acceptance. Love oneself as you are but don’t be afraid to set new goals for yourself.

The Winter Cause Box was curated with New Year’s goals in mind. The people behind Cause Box chose a variety of tools and treats to help your personal goals in 2019, or as they describe it goals that “build off of the accomplishments of our past year and push us to be greater versions of ourselves in the new year.

Idlewild Co. 2019 Planner

Idlewild Co. 2019 Planner

The most obvious connection to New Year’s goals is the planner included in the winter box, meant to help customers stay organized in 2019. The planner is designed by Idlewild Co., a Florida-based company with eco-friendly paper goods that are still hand-drawn by their founder. This planner includes the typical features, including monthly and daily agendas, and a year-at-a-glance section. However, it also includes fun features like a page for goal setting and another for goals achieved. You can also choose your top 3 action items for each month. The planner is sprinkled with inspirational quotes by beautiful minds like Jane Goodall, Oscar Wilde, and Eleanor Roosevelt. It’s an aesthetically charming but minimalist planner that is perfect for planning your new year.

Idlewild 2019 Planner

Jade Roller and Detoxing Facial Steam

Luna Nectar Jade Roller and Klei Detoxing Facial Steam

After you get organized, you can treat yourself with a some at-home spa treatments. The jade roller by Luna Nectar is a facial massager with two ends: one for larger sections of your face like cheeks and forehead, and a smaller end for more sensitive areas, like under your eyes or brows. Ancient beauty rituals suggest that jade has magical healing powers! You can use the roller as is or put in your refrigerator to get a nice cooling sensation that helps with puffiness. I am new to using a jade roller, but I do love the way it feels and it’s a beautiful tool to just look at!


Along with the jade roller there is a natural facial steam by Klei Beauty, an organic beauty line that started in 2018. Founder Valerie Smith enjoyed creating her own natural beauty products as a kid, and turned her dream into a job- making beauty products free of toxins and with a DIY component. Each ingredient is food grade and biodegradable. When you are done creating your face steam, you can actually compost it without worrying about polluting the water steam! Also, it’s great for people with sensitive skin!

LSTN Headphones

Many people set a New Year’s goal to take are of their bodies and eat better and exercise more. My favorite way to get a good work out is typically a barre class or to go for a hike, but occasionally I also enjoy running with my dog. To get myself motivated, an upbeat playlist and good pair of headphones is an absolute necessity. The winter box includes the prettiest ones I’ve seen: wireless bluetooth ear buds with a marbled design and a mission to restore hearing to people with debilitating hearing loss. LSTN co-founder was inspired by a video on YouTube of a woman hearing for the first time. She partnered with the Starkey Hearing Foundation to create LSTN. The company has also partnered with Delta Air Lines to help people in Peru, Uganda, Kenya, Mexico, China, all over the U.S., and more. What an inspirational story and an amazing company!

Siizu Poncho

To stay cozy this winter Cause Box included a beautifully crafted poncho made by fair trade artisans with eco-friendly materials. Their fabrics are made from a variety of materials, including wood, Seawool made from oyster shells, organic cotton, and silk. Annual members had a choice of three different colors to choose from, including cream, cranberry, and charcoal. I tend to have a pretty neutral color scheme and opted for the charcoal. The brand behind these beautiful ponchos is Siizu. Siizu’s goal is to offer modern and stylish pieces that are sustainable and sold at an affordable price. The brand’s quality and ethical standards are very impressive and hopefully will inspire other companies to follow in their footsteps!

Matr Boomie Earrings

Matr Boomie statement earrings

Annual members got to choose between a necklace or a pair of earrings by Matr Boomie. Each piece of jewelry was handcrafted by artisans in India using fair trade practices. Founder Manish Gupta recognized that the majority of fair trade stores sold items that were directly picked from artisan markets in their respective countries and did appeal to current trends in the United States. Matr Boomie focuses on creating beautiful designs that are fashion forward and also sustainable and support artisans groups. I love the bold statement earrings that came in my winter box!

Wrapping Paper and Postcard

Claire Ritchie postcard
Claire Ritchie wrapping paper sheets

The winter Cause Box also included three wrapping paper sheets and a postcard designed by Australian artist Claire Ritchie, who also made the design for the box itself. Ritchie combines physical shapes, digital designs, and sustainable materials to make unique prints. I loved receiving unique wrapping paper to wrap my holiday gifts.

Cause Box continues to impress me with their mission and their variety of items. I’m already counting down the days until the spring box is released! If you’re interested in subscribing to Cause Box you can join at Thanks for stopping by!

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