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My First Foray Into Fair Trade Fashion

How that’s for an alliteration? Fair Trade was a term I was vaguely familiar with for years after stepping foot in a Ten Thousand Villages store in Cambridge, Massachussetts. I recognized it as goods made by artisans in other countries and were made using traditional craftsmanship of those countries.

It wasn’t until I created my wedding registry in 2016 at The Little Market that I discovered the full extent of fair trade decor and how buying fair trade certified products supports artisans in other countries by providing them with fair wages and safe working conditions. My enthusiasm for fair trade grew and I started working with a fair trade jewelry company called Trades of Hope. I loved the message behind TOH and how they create jobs for women living in poverty.

I had no idea that fair trade certification also applied to apparel. The first fair trade clothing company I heard of was Symbology Clothing. I first heard of Symbology when the sustainable subscription service Cause Box featured a beautiful Symbology kimono that was light weight and covered with a gorgeous gingko leaf print. I had to know more. I ordered my first piece of fair trade clothing from Symbology: a gorgeous green wrap dress with the same gingko leaf print. I love that it was sustainably made and hand printed.

Symbology Clothing is an ethical brand that is “out to make fair trade sexy.” They use artisanal fabric techniques like block printing, tie dye, and embroidery and combine this craft with fashion forward silhouettes that fit women of all body types. Symbology empowers women by providing sustained employment to marginalized women in India. Each design is imbued with meaning and reflects the heritage behind the piece. My personal favorites are the baby cacti and geometric prints.

Although I’ve discovered many more fair trade and sustainable brands, Symbology Clothing is still one of my favorites and I’m proud to now be a brand ambassador for the company. Below see some of my favorite picks from their current lines and use my discount ROBYNDRAKE for 10% off!

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