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Where can you Find Fair Trade Clothing?

October is Fair Trade Month- a time to celebrate artisans and the products they make and and are fairly compensated for. When you think of fair trade goods, most likely you think of food, coffee, home decor, crafts, and jewelry. However, fair trade has expanded in recent years and includes clothing too.

What is fair trade clothing?

When you buy garments with the Fair Trade certification you are purchasing apparel made with strict ethical trade standards. It ensures adequate working environments and fair pay for workers, often in developing countries. Clothing is a labor intensive business, and people deserve to be paid fairly for their labor.

What are the benefits of buying fair trade clothing?

It feels good to know the person who made your t-shirt or pair of jeans is making a living wage, but there other benefits too. People who buy fair trade tend to be responsible consumers, so the items are usually made with environmentally friendly materials and processes. Sustainably produced garments are often of much higher quality than mass-produced items, and will last longer.

Who sells fair trade clothing?

More and mainstream companies are starting to sell some fair items, like Athleta, J.Crew, Madewell, and Prana. But you have to search for which items are made sustainably. Below you can find a picture gallery of tried and trued brands who sell mostly or all fair trade apparel. Choose your personal style and click on the links to see what these socially responsible brands have to offer!


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