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Fair Trade

Fair Trade Jewelry that Shines and Inspires

What better way to celebrate Fair Trade Month than with an assortment of fair trade jewelry? While it can be difficult to search for fair trade items to meet all your needs, there is no shortage of fair trade jewelry. Whether you like statement jewelry or prefer a minimalist look, there’s plenty of styles for even the pickiest accessory connoisseur.

Fair trade jewelry is handcrafted by artisans in developing countries using sustainably collected and often eco friendly materials. Some jewelry designs reflect the artisans’ cultures, while other designs are targeted at a more mainstream consumer crowd. Buying fair trade jewelry supports artisans and helps to end the cycle of poverty through employment opportunities. There is great quality to detail and each piece tells a story. For example, you can buy earrings from Trades of Hope that have the finger prints of the artisan who made them. MyFight and Noonday Collection include jewelry made from recycled artillery shells in Ethiopia. The Starfish Project helps women escape human trafficking and exploitation in Asia.

While I’ve always enjoyed donning jewelry, it’s even more rewarding to wear a piece that gives back. Below I have shared photos of some amazing fair trade companies who all offer quality items and give back to good causes. So choose a style that suits you, and follow the links to find a story that inspires you!


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