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What does “Made by Free Women” Mean?

While browsing an awesome sustainable market place called Simple Switch, I stumbled upon a brand called Made Free, which sells an assortment of sustainable goods including totes, t-shirts, and leather goods, most with the slogan “Made by Free Women”. So what exactly does this mean?

For a woman to be considered “free” they need to be free from slavery, human trafficking, and forced labor. Additionally, to unbind women from the restraints of poverty, they should be paid a fair living wage for their work. According to the World Bank, there are over 750 million people living in poverty, and many work in the apparel industry in South Asia. Millions of these workers are trafficked and living as slaves, and 70% of these slaves are female. The business of human trafficking globally generates an estimated 150 billion in profits every year.

To address these issues we need to look at ourselves as consumers and ask how we can do better. We can start by taking away support from businesses who exploit their workers, and support businesses who are creating sustainable ethical jobs. This is the primary goal of Made Free: to create such jobs to rescue and empower women out of slavery and extreme poverty. Click here to read some of these women’s amazing stories.

You can support these artisans by shopping their handmade products on the Simple Switch market place or on the Made Free Website. Use my code ImwithFairlyRobyn on Simple Switch for 15% off! View some of my favorite items below and enjoy shopping to make a difference!

Made by Free Women Market Tote
Camel Leather Day Tote
Made Free Beauty Pouch
Made by Free Women Day Tote
Navy Denim Apron
Black Leather Clutch
Made by Free Women Square Market Tote
Bridesmaid Market Tote

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