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Completely Compostable: 10 Every Day Items You Can Compost

If you’re like me, you may cringe a little every time you see a banana peel in the trash. Composting food scraps and waste like peels turns every day waste into rich, nutritious material ideal for plant growth, whereas throwing food scraps in the trash ensures that it goes to landfills, where rotting food emits methane, a powerful greenhouse gases. Composting can reduce waste and help alleviate climate change. What other times can be composted? Here is a list of every day items that are compost-friendly. Some may even surprise you!

  1. Eggshells (these are a great source of calcium for plants!)
  2. Crumbs (there is something so satisfying about dumping all the crumbs from under a toaster or counters straight into your compost bin)
  3. Tea bags (any staples should be removed)
  4. Coffee filters and coffee grounds (as long as the filters are paper!)
  5. Hair (Both human and pets- Good to remember next time you clean the drain or a hair brush)
  6. Dead flowers
  7. Used tissues
  8. Old beer and wine (discarding your stale beverages will actually act as a fertilizer!)
  9. Used paper napkins
  10. Cotton swabs and cotton balls (as long as they’re 100% cotton)

Composting is easy and so rewarding. You can either compost in your backyard with an at home composter, or do a quick internet search to find a compost facility near you. Happy composting!

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