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  • Fair Trade

    ABLE Shoes- Summer Sale

    One of my very favorite fair trade companies is ABLE, and while all their products are amazing, their shoes are what keep me coming back for more.  First, here is some background information on the company: ABLE describes their company as “a lifestyle brand focused on ending generational poverty by women who have often overcome extraordinary circumstances.”  ABLE works locally and globally in the communities they wish to impact, creating jobs in hopes to end the dependency on charity.  I fell in love with the company when I learned how it was started.  Founder Barrett Ward lived abroad in Ethiopia and saw firsthand the extreme level of poverty people are…

  • Made in the USA

    I Just Want To Hang With My Dog

    It’s true.  I do just want to hang with my dog.  His name is Finn, he’s a rescue, and he’s pretty much the coolest guy I know.  So when I spotted this dog lovers tee at The Flourish Market I knew I had to have it. “Here at the Flourish Market, every product has a bigger purpose, just like you” states the Flourish Market’s website.  Originally started as a uniform truck then a do-good clothing truck, Em Sexton opened the brick & mortar store in downtown Raleigh in 2016.  The store partners with 50+ brands in the United States and all over the world to to provide jobs and fair wages…

  • Fair Trade


    Hello!  Welcome to my first blog post!  My name is Robyn, and I decided to write a blog that combines my love for fashion as well as my love for philanthropy (promoting the welfare of others).  The two terms often don’t coexist, but they CAN, and I want to share how you can be a part of it. I love clothes and accessories, but I don’t love the story that usually exists behind each item;  sweatshops with employees working long hours, with low wages, in poor conditions.  I just can’t feel good about buying something if I know the person behind the item is being exploited, or even abused.  I prefer…