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    Is your Earth Day T-shirt Actually Earth Friendly?

    Earth Day is on Wednesday, April 22nd this year and I’m always pleased to see people wearing Earth Day shirts promoting environmental responsibility. But ironically, most of these graphic tees are not Earth friendly. Most t-shirts are made with cotton. In fact the cotton plant produces a fiber that is used in most clothing. I first learned about issues in the cotton industry in the 2015 groundbreaking documentary The True Cost. Due to fast fashion and increased consumption, the majority of cotton is now genetically modified to increase production. Genetically modified (GM) cotton uses large amounts of water and chemicals with dangerous consequences. Large amounts of cotton are grown in…

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    Spotlighting Sustainability: 337Brand

    My tagline is “Made ethically, worn practically” for a reason. I’m always on the search for new sustainable brands, but I especially like brands who create clothes that are comfortable, casual, and practical; pieces that I can wear lounging around the house or as a basic layer for work. 337Brand is just that. This sustainable leisurewear brand makes effortless-style basics with an edge. One thing I love about this brand is that they don’t include seasonal collections in their apparel line. Instead every piece is timeless and designed to be worn 24/7. 337 Brand uses the slogan “Kindness is Sexy” and the hashtag #JOINGREENMOVES to invite others to join them…